Our good friends at the Banya Tea House have been busy.

On one of our many trips back, the gang at TS recently noticed that Banya has undergone a major upgrade in a few areas.

First of all, for the boys and girls that like a good pampering – Banya is now offering inexpensive body scrubs, only for use in the their ‘Turkish’ sauna, which is essentially just a really kick ass steam room with Turkish tile.  Be warned! Do not put the aloe on your face.  They warned us, we didn’t listen and predictable outcomes followed.

Second, as we’ve mentioned in previous reviews, Banya is a family place and the family has had its fair share of input into the operations.  Banya now accepts Bitcoin as a currency for all of you techie/forex nerds that are looking to unwind after a long day of coding at the spa.

Finally, and most importantly Banya has managed to expand it’s restaurant space and the results are fantastic.  After TS folks were recently rebuffed in our attempt to go to Steamul (too full) we ended up steaming, lounging and eating for hours in the revamped space.  There’s vasty more seating, an expanded menu with (at least one) solid vegetarian options, a rotating menu featuring Russian, Georgian and other Central Asian specialties (the owners have spent time there!) and the service, which was always good, has somehow managed to get better.  A great drink selection too and, as always, lots of great tea.

Sadly, While they’ve revamped their change rooms a bit, Banya is still lacking one ramp and some minor upgrades that might make certain sections (like the turkish steam) wheelchair accessible.

Other than that it’s difficult to get any better than almost perfect – so the rating remains the same.

Overall Rating (Out of 5): 5/5

Cleanliness: 5/5

Facilities: 5/5

Cost: $30

Coed: Yuppers

Queer or Straight: Mostly straight. Don’t expect hassle, but don’t accept a queer analysis

Facilities: brick-fired sauna, ‘turkish’ steam room, Finnish sauna, cool-pool, restaurant, lounge room, change room