Up North (a blog from the ‘coolest places on earth’) has an excellent interview with Heiki Sillaste, a Canadian-Estonian composer and musician best known for 80’s and 90’s techno band Digital Poodle.

Sillaste has just released an album “Inspired by the tranquility of remote lakeside saunas, the ambiance of a northern Ontario forest in summertime and distant Estonian-Nordic culture.”

In a wide ranging interview, he talks about the influence of saunas on his music:

My second solo album “Sauna Porch Recordings Co.” was entirely recorded up there, often outside among the trees with a full view of the lake, as inspiration. I often set up a microphone to record the environment around me, and then proceed to process and manipulate these found sounds, and finally integrating them into the music.”

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pi7b0PQE2_Y]

Hat-tip: Dru Oja Jay